Remembering my father

6 years ago, on 2nd February 2005 we had to let go the greatest person in our life, my father.

Life without him is never the same from that point of time, ever

We are still saying “what if..” “If he was here..” and many more ifs and what ifs

I don’t want to drawn in sadness though at the same time will never forget how great he was as a father, I know it may be a little bit too late to say that to him

I always have him in mind whenever I give a little opportunity to my daughter to try something new, because that exactly what he gave me when I was little

I would never have learnt how to skate, how to ride, how to drive and how to be me today.

Papa, you are always in my prayer, in my heart and soul forever and ever

I love you so much wishing I could say that to you in person.

May Allah give you the best place you deserved

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