(Not) The First Family Holiday

Finally our plan of having a family holiday somewhere has came true.

Yep, all these while we have only been planned, booked, paid the tickets and the accommodation but always ended up not going to any of those planned places, first plan was to Singapore but since I was a newbie in my new office and was a bit reluctant to ask for a leave after just been working for 2 weeks hehehe and the next destination was Bali but Yufi couldn’t make it either….so

Now that we finally had, here is the story……

Yufi said he will have a business trip to Bali on 9th May to 11th May, I thought if my boss permits, I would ask for 3 days leave on the mentioned dates and join Yufi in Bali plus when we checked Air Asia’s ticket price was affordable (not exactly cheap tho) but it was okay.¬† So I got the permit (Thank you Boss ūüėČ ) we booked 2 tickets of Air Asia for me and Cica, booked the hotel, we had to stay at two hotels as it was high season, lots of Aussies came down for holiday so we booked Bali Dynasty Hotel and Santika Kuta Hotel with consideration that both were kids friendly and close to amenities.¬† Yufi has made itinerary where to go and so on (which consists of a lot of sunset-ing…..)

For Air Asia, we pre-purchased 25 Kg baggage allowance, pre-booked seat as I travel with my little girl so we could pick our seat in the front area of the plane.

before finally done the hotel bookings, we searched quite a bit for the hotel, our first option was Harris residence or Harris Resort but they were all fully booked.¬† Later we contacted PakDe Bimo (Yufi’s friend) heheheh as he works as the FB Manager at Santika Semarang hoping for a discount at Santika Premier Kuta hahahahahaha, but the hotel was still quite expensive after discount hihihi cannot afford, so we chose Bali Dynasty instead¬† (Thank you to Bimo for scoring a discount for us though, really appreciate it).

Bali Dynasty located next to Santika Premier Kuta, although this hotel wasn’t exactly cheap either…the hotel has a very good review from families who travel with children.¬† So there you go, it has children’s pool and children’s club.¬† The deluxe room is quite spacey (on the photo) and have a balcony.

Santika Kuta was fine although to me it is more of a hotel for business trip than a hotel for family but its location is quite close to Kuta and Legian as other hotels were fully booked we had no other option.  The ambiance of the hotel was nice though, it was a small and a compact hotel

I had a business trip to Surabaya for a week beforehand, and tried to finish my due (well only one report left and the team mates are working on it, we’ll help later guys :D) and here we go:

Day 1:

Cica got all excited about the trip, pity that Ratu, my sister couldn’t come along because she’s not sure when is her exam when we were about to book the ticket….which later after all the booking has been made the exam is in June…..next time ya auntie

So on the D day Budi dropped us off at the airport.¬† We got there soo early the terminal 3 was still empty, I don’t know why but the traffic was so commuter friendly that day,¬† well….I don’t mind.¬† Better be early than being left behind.¬† We sat at jCo Donut (lucky this guy opened early) after a dozen of Donut (of which some were taken home by Budi) Budi left us so he wouldn’t caught in the traffic on the way back home. ¬†The airport was still empty for another couple of hours and the check in counter was only to open at 10 am

at the Terminal 3'swaiting hall

So me and Cica were hanging around for another 2 hours waiting for the Air Asia counter to open because I need to drop off the luggage. Cica behaved very well for this trip even asking for lunch hahaha I forgot….because she is a big girl already

After we checked in our luggage and went up to the waiting area only to find (after 1 hour of waiting that is) that our flight was delayed due to some VVIP landed in Bali so the Ngurah Rai  airport was closed (damn!!!)

Poor Cica… she was very sleepy already…but still managed to show some smile and wearing her rabbit hat, a present from a friend of mine.¬†¬† You are such a good girl darling

Finally, we boarded the bus (yes, the plane was somewhere in terminal 2) and finally boarded the plane to Bali.¬† Cica was very excited.¬† It was the second time for me using Air Asia..I have always been a Garuda’s commuter (thank’s to the office) and other foreign airlines (such a snot hahahaha).¬† In overall, it’s worth the dough you paid for. ¬† A little bit a miss in the service department, I am talking from the check in counter which only have 1 person attended hundreds of passengers to the service on board. ¬† The plane interior and other things on board were fine. ¬† I guess it is good for a short haul travel but maybe not really for a long haul travel especially if you travel with smaller children (should try next time tho).¬†¬† The stewardess and steward I thought, they were less friendly.¬†¬† The plane wasn’t cleaned very well (I had to wipe the dining tray with Dettol because it was still stained with some kind of food).¬† The interior was fine, the chair was ¬†quite big and it was quite spacious for your leg to move around.¬† The type of food that they sell on board were quite fine. ¬† so anyway what do you expect….the most important thing to me was Cica enjoyed her flight.¬† She slept half way through and woke up when we were about to land hahahahaha I guess the delay absorbed all her energy

Yufi picked us up at the airport, we went for late lunch at Warung Italy Jalan Dewi Kunti 1 Seminyak, I always love this place the food (Pasta, Pizza and Gelato) is nice and wallet friendly hehehehe.  Our itinerary was a little bit messed up because of the delay so we decided to just go around Kuta after we checked in at the hotel.

So after lunch we headed to our hotel, Bali Dynasty.¬† Cica showed a huge eye of excitement seeing the huge pool fixed with water slides,¬† we knew that swimming¬† was inevitable for her so there you go…went straight to the swimming pool and down to the Kuta beach.¬† I watched Cica and Yufi playing by the beach while watching the beautiful sunset.¬† we sort of borrowed Santika Premier’s sun lounger (well not exactly, we bought drinks) because the sun lounger was nicer hehehehehe

After swimming and playing by the beach, we got ready for dinner and meeting Iphie and Waukee.  We went for Dinner to this Chinese Restaurant at Kuta because Cica insisted for having Nasi Goreng for her Dinner, I forgot the name.  After that we  continued to Seminyak Square for a coffee at Bali Bakery and picked up the our rented car.

Said bye bye to Iphie and Waukee, we made a plan to go to the W beach club on Saturday at Seminyak along with the kids.  Off we went back to the hotel, getting ready for the next day.

Day 2

We woke up early, Miss Cica already had an eye for another swimming session however,  our  schedule was a bit tight according to Mr. Nurcan and his obsession over viewing sunset from every corner of Bali as much as possible, so we went straight to the hotel restaurant for our brekkie.  The brekkie consisted of lots of things hahaha Cica as usual, a bit pain in the a** when it comes to breakfast, finally agreed on munching pancakes which she got quite fond of later on.  We looked around the breakfast lounge and were awed that we fell into a minority side statistically amongst a bunch of holidaying Australian who were staying at the hotel hahahaha.

Our first destination on today was Ubud and Lake Batur.¬† In Ubud area itself we plan to visit Monkey Forest, Taman Ayun, Istana Tampak Siring and off to Lake Batur.¬† I was keen on siting around in Ubud’s many cafes for a coffee but again Mr.Nurcan was keener on chasing sunset on the other side of Bali continent…

Last time I remember, Ubud was really “villagey” and serene…but when we finally got to Ubud, it was a bit crowded than I ever remembered.¬† a lot of shops and cafes and the air wasn’t as cool as before either.¬† It has changed a lot.¬† We headed to Monkey forest and I was telling Yufi, I would be very happy if I could have an evening¬† coffee in one of the cafes later on after we finished with Lake Batur…..

We arrived at Monkey Forest around noon and there were other tourists also, mixed of locals and internationals.  We had to purchase a ticket which for adult cost Rp.20,000 and Rp.10,000 for children.  You could also purchase banana for feeding the monkey for Rp.15,000.

The place was well it was a forest, ¬†even though you could see that it has been “professionally” managed for tourists’ attraction. ¬†Some traditional Bali guards (Pecalang) standing in several spots throughout the premise.¬† Apparently the existence of guards were not much help, I saw one female international tourist got “attacked” from 3 monkeys ( I guess she smells like food), she was very hysterical and her friends were also hysterical as the monkey sprung at her and clung to her dearly, she was very panic but strangely none of the guard reacted to her screaming, panting and yelling…..that was very bad.¬† I was very cautious because Cica could be the target of those hungry monkeys.¬† But our visit was quite smooth, no sudden attack whatsoever.

After seeing all the monkeys being themselves for about an hour, we headed to Lake Batur. ¬†Last time I went there we stayed in this hotel next to the lake. ¬†Talking about traveling makes me miss my dad even more….

We passed the famous teras siring paddy field of Ubud, but planting season was yet to start, so the paddy field wasn’t green at all. ¬†We passed it.

Along the way I saw a lot of cute interior things, lamp, etc etc. ¬†According to Iphie this place is famous for it. ¬†will check the name for you later…but as usual if Yufi was the driver, I can guarantee you he wouldn’t make any stop.

So we got to Lake Batur, dark cloud was kind of hanging ¬†ready to pour heavy rain, without even finishing my thought..it was raining cats and dogs already…..shoot couldn’t even take any pictures of the lake. ¬†We parked at this restaurant which have a balcony facing Mount Batur, not bad although thick fog was limiting our sight but we could see a glimpse of Mount Batur from the balcony. ¬†The food was not bad, it was buffet style restaurant and quite pricey also but I got a discount from the waiter, not too bad.

I wish we could go down by the lake Batur but the rain was still pouring so we decided to go back to Ubud and hang out there, but on the way to Ubud the sky cleared up and according to Yufi, he could get a chance to see sunset in Jimbaran.  O well I guess I had to give in.

We headed to Jimbaran, on the way we decided to view the sunset at the Rock Bar at Ayana Resort Jimbaran. ¬†Will be a bit pricey…but what the heck. ¬†We arrived at Ayana Resort about time, the sun was ready to set and it was quite clear. ¬†Cica couldn’t hide her admiration of Ayana resort itself, the focus of her attention was of course the humongous pool…. ūüėÄ and the fact that the hotel was an absolute grand, well 1,8 Million Rupiah a night means something obviously…just hoping we could taste a glimpse of luxury sometimes in the near future. ¬†Unfortunately the queue to the Rock bar was really long..o well a lot of people had the same intention. ¬†We had to be happy just viewing the rock bar and the sunset over the balcony. ¬†It was great though, really the view, the hotel and everything. ¬†A better luck next time eh?

After we felt we have had enough looking around the premise we took off.

Miss Cica needed to have her usual diet of “Ayam Kulit” yep it is not literally chicken’s skin but it’s a battered chicken which she loves dearly..so our next stop was McDonald, she spotted the famous sign, there was no way to drive her away from the temptation. ¬†After two fried chicken, 1 rice, 2 Big Mac for me and Yufi, we headed back to Kuta area. ¬†We stopped by several surf brands outlets to pursue Yufi’s hunt of this “alay” short hahahahaha. ¬†We ended up going to Rip Curl’s store at Sunset road, it’s the biggest flagship store. ¬†Bought several stuff including Yufi’s short. ¬†I love Rip Curl’s sandal, I bought it every time I go to Bali, they lasts quite long hehehehe and got nice design

Cica had a craze over a surfboard after watching a movie called Surf Up about a penguin who wants to be a surfing champion and since then she had been dreaming of having one hahahah she was so amazed on all surfboards she saw in the store and begged us to get one home…gosh if she knew how much the thing would cost us….she did her best to persuade us but of course it just didn’t work

I was drooling on some other stuff there including this rash vest for surfing, not that I am going to surf but it is good for swimming. ¬†Maybe later….so I said bye and good night to all cute things in there and called it a day.

We headed back to the hotel, ready to continue the next day and oh oh we have to check out of the hotel tomorrow and check in at Santika Kuta.

We got to the hotel and I did some packing ready to check out after breakfast.

Day 3

Morning has arrived, nice and sunny, gee the days have passed pretty quickly, it was completely the opposite sitting behind your desk at the office…the day passes sooo slowly it chokes hahahahaha

We quickly get ourselves ready, Cica as usual begged for swimming which we really didn’t have the time to grant her wish.

We headed for breakfast, went back the room and called the bell boy to get our luggage downstairs.  All payment have been cleared with the front desk.

We called Santika Kuta, hoping that they have a room ready so we could check in early without have to “carry” our luggage to Bedugul which was our next destination. ¬†Lucky, they had a room ready, so we dropped by Santika Kuta, checked in and set for Bedugul.

One thing I like about living outside Jakarta is that you can predict the length it takes from one place to another.  So by noon we arrived at Ulun Danu temple.

I visited this place last year during office outing. We had a team building by the lake it was very nice.

There was something about this temple making it so serene to look at.  No wonder the government placed its picture on our 50,000 notes.

When we got there the place was pretty packed with tourist both locals and internationals.  Students on their study trip flocking every corner of the temple.  The temple was having some major alteration, I think there will be a big mass praying coming up.  The weather was a bit gloomy though, it was in fact raining

We took several pictures and I also asked a photographer (he offered me his service, decent price) to take some pictures of us also. ¬†Remember the old days where this kind of photographer using a polaroid? Since today is the digital era, they use Canon 1000 D (similar to what Yufi has hahahhahaha) and to top it off, they also have this handy printer to print the photos so tourists like us can take our beautiful moments home instantly, ¬†isn’t it great? ¬†I asked him whether someone or some company sponsored them to have all this grand equipment, they said that they have a co-op and through the co-op they could purchase all the equipment by installment. ¬†Not bad at all.

Yufi had a crash course from the photo guy how to take better pictures of the temple since they are the champion.

We finished looking around the temple and was about to leave when the rain all of a sudden fell heavily , we had to walk pretty far to the parking lot. we were soaked, poor Cica.  We made it to the front office and Yufi ran to the car.

We continued to Tanah Lot, thinking of stopping by Lake Bedugul but it seemed the rain would last quite long.

Sort of crossing our finger hoping that the rain stop by the time we arrived at Tanah Lot.  Miss Cica wanted to have lunch so we stopped by a restaurant, where I had a nice lunch during the office outing last time.  Nobody came up to assist us with umbrella or some sort.  We waited for about 15 minutes and honked but no one came so we decided to take off.  We stopped by a mini market and got Cica fried chicken.

We got to Tanah Lot, the weather was nice.  The rain has fell down earlier.  Lucky us.

The place was also packed. ¬†I roamed around through the shops along the way to the temple trying to get the sandals requested by my cousins. ¬†Yufi and Cica went to the temple, I catched up but couldn’t find them anywhere. ¬†When finally I found them, they were on the other corner of the temple, watching some surfers surfing nearby.

The sunset was covered by a dark cloud so we couldn’t see it sink in the horizon. ¬†We headed back to the hotel, get ourselves ready for dinner.

Yufi wanted to have dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Bali while watching a live band.  We arrived at Santika Kuta at around 7 pm at night.

After got ourselves ready, we headed to Hard Rock Cafe, as always this part of Kuta always packed with people, cars were snaking along the street. ¬†Looking for a car park was painful, we finally found a parking spot but quite far from Hard Rock Cafe. ¬†Had to walk down. ¬†Quite far…..shoot

We arrived at Hard Rock it was still empty only a couple of customers including a couple with 2 children.

Ordered our food and asked what time the live band starts, it starts at eleven here and the band was Asian Live.  The band often play in Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta, we like them.  The play top 40 music.

Cica unpredictably liked live music. ¬†She requested a song by Lenka. ¬†Our dinner arrived and we ate happily (why do I have to state this…)

we enjoyed our dinner so was Cica. ¬†She kept on asking how come the band hasn’t played her request, I thought it was only a couple of us requested a song, when we looked around the placed was packed with people. ¬†So I told Cica to wait, as the band has so many songs requested by others also.

Until we were done with our dinner and enjoyed a dozen song her song hasn’t played yet so we decided to leave as we still have Benoa tomorrow and will also meet up with Iphie, Waukee and the kids at a beach club. ¬†She sat down on the stairs in front of the front door looking to the street when suddenly she cried hahahahah she cried over her requested Lenka’s song. ¬†Poor baby….

She couldn’t get over the fact her requested song hasn’t been played…..we didn’t realize she likes watching a live band until when we got back to Jakarta she said to us “when are we going to Hard Rock Cafe again mama?” hahahaha

One thing I liked about Hard Rock Cafe Bali was not many people smoking..so the room wasn’t clogged with smoke.

We went back to the hotel and closed the day.

Day 4

The day was the most exciting day for Cica.  It was water sport day.  We had our breakfast first and Cica wanted to have a morning swimming down the pool.

We headed to Benoa after breakfast.  We have booked several activities from bottom glass boat, a visit to turtle island, banana boat and jet-ski-ing.

We arrived at the operator’s place. ¬†Gosh the place was packed. ¬†There are several water sport operators throughout ¬†Benoa alone. ¬†Our’s was pretty decent in price hehehehe if anybody wants to you can contact me and I could give you the name of the operator and the cost of our trip.

We hopped to the bottom glass boat and sailed hoping to see a school of clown fish, the water was a bit cloudy as so many other boats were sailing around where we sailed also.  We went straight to the turtle island.  There were a couple of turtle conservation places.  We went to the one the right hand side.

There were big turtle whose mostly are older than I am hahahaha, hey these creatures can live up to hundreds years.  Cica was so amazed so I guess we went to the right place.  We took pictures with turtles, eagles and this bird (I forgot the name hahahahha useless) and a phyton snake (ewwww)

We were accompanied by a guide.  The guy was so passionate guiding Cica and attended to whatever question Cica asked him anything about turtle and its family hahahaha.

We headed back to the mainland for banana boat and Jet-ski. ¬†Cica didn’t want the ride on banana boat because she said it was scary…but we asked her to give it a go, if she didn’t like it we could ask the guy to take us back to the beach. ¬†O well not only she enjoyed the ride, she asked for again and again and again hahahahah I guess the thrill got into her, she kept on saying “wohooooooo..” on the way to the open sea

We also had a jet ski ride after that again she was thrilled and asked for another round.  I guess she has a thing for high speed hehehehehe

After have had enough fun with water and all its activities we headed back to the hotel by noon.  We stopped at Krishna as miss Cica wanted to get some gifts for her friends.  We got ourselves ready and headed to Warung Italy as Yufi wanted to eat Aglio Olio.

After done with our lunch we headed to The W in Seminyak, meeting Iphie and Waukee.  When we arrived at The W, it was closed for public as there was a wedding in progress.  Gosh the guy was filthy rich.

So Iphie said we go to Potato Head instead, it was on the same road as well. ¬† I got there earlier found the place packed with people mostly families, I guess everyone wanted to have a lazy afternoon. ¬†Iphie came shortly after we arrived. ¬† I liked the place, saw the place through Iphie’s photos. ¬†A nice place indeed to spend your afternoon. I observed that Potato Head was really spacey, it has a field where people can throw their picnic mats, there was a swimming pool facing the beach, lovely. ¬†There were children and adults swimming in the pool. ¬†The sun loungers filled with people who were laying down, reading books while waiting for their children swimming. ¬†Lovely, I liked the place and the ambiance was really nice even Kimi clearly enjoyed herself by nodding to the music hehehehe. ¬†The kids went run around very happy

We spent about 2 hours in the premise, Cica couldn’t stand staying away from the swimming pool, she went swimming with underwear (oooohhhhh!) had to borrow Viero’s stuff because I didn’t plan Cica to have an evening swim here. ¬†But the pool was too tempting for her she was really enjoying it, playing around in the pool.

The place was nicer at dawn, was a bit reluctant to go hahahahaha. ¬†Even Yufi surprisingly didn’t want to end the day hehehehehe

It’s time for dinner. ¬†We left Potato Head and headed for FlapJak’s which is famous for its mouthwatering pancakes and the likes. ¬†It also serves pasta, gelato and juices. ¬†Quite nice and the price was okay, it’s about Rp.100,000 per person. ¬†The portion is huge though so I didn’t mind.

After dinner, we said bye bye to Iphie and family.  Oh the holiday was about to be over soon.  The night was practically our last nite for going out and about in Bali well Kuta and surroundings, our flight is at 12 noon tomorrow.  We headed to Seminyak for the accessories shop.  I always go to this one because it sells quite unique stuff.  After done with the last minute shopping, we went to Legian for reflexology.  All of us got a nice massage including Cica heheheheh

We finally headed back to the hotel and packed our stuff.

Day 5

The next morning felt like a drag…..because the holiday is over…..

We got ourselves ready and headed for breakfast, paid the hotel’s bill and went straight to the airport. ¬† Yufi checked himself in at Garuda counter while I checked myself and Cica at Air Asia’s counter. ¬†All set. ¬†After looking around at the airport, it was time for Yufi to board the plane, while we were still waiting ¬†for our turn to board. ¬†Thank God Air Asia didn’t have any delay at all we boarded in time.

Budi picked us up after he picked up Yufi first.  Ratu and Puput came along also.

In sum, it was a very nice holiday for the three of us, everything was enjoyable including the visit to all the must visit places. ¬†One thing that we parents have to remember, traveling with children means we have to put them as priority. ¬† They want different things. ¬†If Yufi wanted to view sunset through every angle (read: every corner of Bali) it just didn’t work with Cica, for a child who is only 6 years old, she wanted simple things like sitting and playing by the beach and water activities. ¬†She also enjoy looking around and observe stuff, I remember how obsessed she was with the praying flowers Balinese put outside their home or in the shops. ¬†Parents could bring a minder to watch the children while we out and about. ¬†Like the Australians, they put the children in child minding service while parents out to taste Bali’s night life.

Pity Ratu couldn’t join us this time, but maybe next time. ¬†We plan to go back to Bali or go somewhere else fun if time and money permit.

Traveling with Cica was really fun, it was a new experience for her, as a result she already made a plan to go to Singapore and Hongkong Disneyland hahahahahaha who knows, Allah grants her wish in the near future.  But the next travelling will be done during school holiday as Cica will become an elementary school pupil this year.  Yes, she is going to be in Kelas 1.

I wouldn’t mind going back to Bali again though….beach hopping next time ūüôā


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