It’s been a year for me riding a bike again after the last 5 decades not ridin it at all….it’s been fun although I sincerely feel that my fat ass kinda slow me down nowadays compare to when I was decades a go….(d’oh!)

What was it that led us decide to get a bicycle? God knows but all I realize was we have been visiting a lot of bike shops to just browse and give a good sight for sore eyes and after a dozen times visiting bike shops watching and admiring all of those beautiful bikes on display we decided that it was time to get a bike on our own

Bicycle is somewhat inseparable to our life, bicycle is an ultimate gift given by our parents, ranging from birthday present, good grades present or simply because everyone else in the neighborhood got one already and it was swell to see them riding their bicycle in the afternon from one end to another end of our neigborhood street.

I remember that my first bike was a great tricycle my dad got when I was a tiny gal (I saw some pictures of me riding it), then moved to a slightly bigger bicycle with trainer wheels, then got a cute bicycle we famously called “sepeda mini” then there was time all of us (me and my brothers) got a bmx fever where all of us got one each and modified them according to the trend at that time (chromed pedals, chromed handle bar, cat eye on the wheels, and standing bars on the rear wheels)

We felt like we have conquered the world and were the ones who have the coolest bike in the neigborhood.  bicycle was undeniably the smartest and coolest ride a child could ever have, at least that was how I felt to my bike.  It transported me from one end to another end and often cross RT and RW and even cross the main street to get to where my friends most live

When we are gettin bigger the bmx craze was also cooled down our bmx were parked in the garage and often rode by our cousins and finally handed down to them, the existence of bmx were replaced with two folding bikes my dad got from Taiwan the brand was Dahon, we laughed a lot because the pronounciation was more like “daun” (leaf) in bahasa, boy wish I knew the price of this bike is expensive nowadays.  we also have a mountain bike, the brand was Giant….

We didn’t really ride those as often as we used to when we were kids, we only rode them during ramadhan as a sport before the dusk comes….those bikes ended up in my neighbor’s house after none of us got time to riding them again…

Now that I am older..I’m keen on re-bonding with my childhood ride….

So we went back to the day we finally set our foot to get a bike..after a thorough consideration on budget and firmness that we would not go beyond the stated budget we dared ourselves to start bike hunting…we eliminated other bike categories and arrived at MTB as our future bike category.  First consideration was we could ride it both off and on road, second it will not be just a one time use, third that’s it

We went from one bike shop to another from one end to the other end of the city, gosh the price of MTB was unbelievable…..after weighing here and there I bought mine at Bagus Bike in BSD.  Louis Garneau XC Casper Pro 2011, the budget was slightly altered than the original I was willing to spend on but looking at the fit, the group set and most of all comfort, I was happy. Yufi got a United Nukleus from a bike shop near my mom’s place

As we have been in bike’s “business” for almost a year, we witnessed that this hobby is dangerous both literal and methaporic, why? Because it seems one full bike with its “original” parts is not enough, there is a lot more room to “expand” your bike not to mention getting a whole new full bike with of course a much better specs than the one you currently have. The list of modifying your bike parts is endless. The more we get to know this completely new world of biking, the more amazed we have became. Some models, some brands are ridiculously expensive, as expensive as a car but we see them being rode by many. It is not just about being healthy anymore but it is also about prestige. For those whom money is not an issue, could just get them whenever they want to as easy as flipping a coin but for us whom salary barely lasted for a whole month having this bad ass brands is aspirational. often when we ride with friends or see someone whose bikes are in our wish list, we feel kind of self concious however after riding together, we realized that yes bike matters but your knee matters most – one of many ways we tell ourselves in order to leverage our confidence. The story does not end to just getting better forks, better groupset, better saddle, better frames but it is also getting the right accesories and apparel for riding. This apparel stuff takes to you to a whole new dimension in biking. from a bike jersey ranging from the original brands to a KW ones. those are staple and sported by today’s cyclist like a fashion parade.

Now, where am I in this? Although I still juggles between riding and not riding weekly but we have been having fun and still religiously hold on to our believe that our bikes are good enough and we will not let ourselves drag into this madness of MTB’s world until Yufi brought an AMP Patrol full suspension frame home and ditched his Nukleus till then I was still in my believe and only altered the apparel section like for example for my first ride ever, I was wearing my crispy old t-shirt now I am wearing colorful jerseys from a brand which famous amongst downhillers, altered my helmet into a branded helmet which I’m telling you they don’t come cheap so I need to adjust my lunch sessions into a modest one and making myself buy less of Starbucks Coffee. I was happy then….until two weeks ago I thought I need a full suspension bike……

It was all started again from tremendous bike shop visits. The more we visit the more virus we caught on the way home….It was all started as an aspirational because I know that the price of a full suspension bike is ridiculuously expensive and there is no way I could afford it without sacrifing my other needs. Somehow the wants became chronic I couldn’t get rid off it, I tried saying bye bye many times but I still wanted to get one so after one on one intense discussion with Yufi and gazillion thoughts on why I should buy, I started bike hunting again, I set my eyes on MTB bikes designed for women but the option was limited so l switched to men’s bike as the option is wider and it was a better bet since my LG is also a men’s bike.

So after visting some bike shops, comparing brands and models, at the end I have shortlisted two brands; Specialized and Giant then I started looking around and browsing through several websites for review between those two brands. The model was also shortlisted into two models, Specialized Camber Comp ang Giant trance x2, it turned out that Giant trance x2 has good reviews from most of the websites I read

So after weighing here and there, the decision was made, I chose Giant Trance x2 it has all mid level parts which are good for me as a newbie and of course stops me from catching another MTB virus for awhile (let’s hope so)

I haven’t ride the Giant Trance x2 yet but I will ride it!!! oh I have, went to the bike shop to fix the sprockets and the seatpost….

Will tell you all about it later 🙂


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