NuRa the first trial – a hell on earth

This is actually happened a couple of months back after not being able to participate MTB-ing with Yufi to Rindu Alam. it is kinda too late I know but that was a hell of experience in the MTB land

So Yufi have set that our next ride is going to be in NuRa where he went last time with the biggest ever group riding in the GTO history because after that the size has shrunk tremendously and the group riding have always been attended by the same set of people  again and again ahahahaha

Anyway, so that day October 16th we headed our car to Gadog, boy I was excited,  it seems that the world was singing with me hahaha (lebay).

We arrived at the Masjid Gadog which also popular as a meeting point for all MTB-ers who go to Rindu Alam track,  we got our bikes ready, got ourself ready, picked up our angkot ride and off we were on our way to the famous base camp Warung Mang Ade.

When we arrived, I was sooo amazed as if I have never seen so many expensive bikes parked at the same time which is true at that time I have never seen so many many expensive bikes (repeat after me..) and the view by Mang Ade’s back balcony was enthralling

After a plate of nasi goreng each and a good sip of tea, we were ready to rock and roll, I was darn excited because the view was super, the weather was super, and oh oh and I finished the breakfast with two sticks of cigarettes which I am telling you was the biggest mistake I have ever made in this bloody trip, borrowing a line from Pretty Woman movie “Big Mistake”

So Yufi said the track which we were heading was NuRa he said it is going to be a fantastic ride because he went there last time, I nodded happy.¬† Rode my bike to the NuRa gate, looked up and damn I wanna strangle Yufi right by the neck……

I was served with an uphill slope, sh*t I said now I regret smoking that bloody ciggies

Man, I couldn’t bloody breathing and it felt like my heart was jumping in and out of my body, mind my language but it was a damn torturing going uphill with smoker’s lung, not a pretty wise choice I reckoned, while this husband of mine was taking pictures merrily documenting the torture


I made stop a couple of times and with nearly fainted condition hahaha, the epic XC ride I have ever done at that time was a good ol JJ track which to me was awesome but compare to this it was¬†kiddie’s¬†playground. ¬† I was a damn cute nubie in this MTB land, ¬†spare my life!!

Ooooo well the show must go on tho I didn’t want to weep and yield just yet. ¬†Finally made it to the top and continue down, ¬†I thought good God its going downhill..yippeee my finally got my groove back but the groove was instantly¬†killed because soon after that I faced another steep uphill, bloody hell! Since my legs were kinda wobble uncontrollably not to mentioned I forgot to breath here and there because it seemed the air was not enough to fill my lungs I humbly had to “tun tun my bike” crap!

The track was soon transformed into a single track where right next to the track was gorge which I didn’t have any interest to know how deep the gorge was instead, ¬†I cleverly (hahaha) tried to control my bike carefully, lucky the track was dry because it would be a nightmare if it was wet, as Yufi said last time he came here it was muddy and someone unwillingly landed to one of the gorge, lucky he wasn’t injured or broke anything.

We made, well I did (puassss?!) make a couple of stop because I was running out of breath and didn’t have the will to actually light my ciggies because I could just pass out after the first smoke. ¬†Sat down catching up with my own breath, I was quite stunned, the view was indeed spectacular..beautiful and definitely not your everyday view, for awhile I lost and drifted by the view…..

Okay resting time is up and we continued to ride downhill slope, a bit of uphill and Yufi found some drop off on the way…after that we popped up at the plantation village…and served right away with rocky road (this is not ice cream people!) throughout the ride down to the next leg, I couldn’t really feel my hand…they were dead numb..Yufi analysed because my bike was a hard tail should’ve gotten full suspension bike, crap! This LG was expensive, enough for me to give up buying a nice cup of coffee for myself…where on earth we could afford a full whatever suspension bike…I had to enjoy which I really did apart from having to catch up with my own breath and having a numb hands hehehehe. ¬† We finally got to pass Gunung Mas tea plantation and served again with another uphill rocky road..super crap! ¬†I really hate this bloody uphill road (the story is kinda different now though, I enjoy uphill although way of breathing is pretty much unchanged)

I was super dehydrated, (have I mentioned I am not a big fan of hot weather because it kills me and gives me a headache which will last weeks afterwards) my water streamer was nearly empty I had to sip from Yufi’s streamer I was really gasping for water….but then before I really fainted on someone’s property, ¬†we stopped at this milk kiosk, apparently most MTB-ers make a stop here for free milk and buy some nibbles and bananas.¬† At last a chance to straightened my legs in a proper way…

Afterwards we continue down to the 3rd leg, Taman Safari track through “tanjakan ngehe part 1 and 2” I was like “bloody crap! I thought the previous ones were ngehe enough to me, and how are these tanjakan ngehes look like?” Yufi read my thought, he said ” dont worry there will be ojek ride if you dont wanna climb uphill” ¬†I was like “you damned right I wouldn’t, I would put my ass on the back of whoever the ojek would be” hahaha

So I had the ojek ride passing all of those ngehes uphill, I think if I rode my bike through it,  I would finish the next day hahaha.  We stopped at a hut waiting for the bike jockey arrived with our bikes


After waiting for quite sometimes, our bike were safely delivered, took some photos before continuing our ride to Gadog.  The misery was about to start.
Yuifi called Diana asking for a direction because he forgot which way was the right seemed the direction wasnt clear either….we rode the bike up going through an uphill road, wasnt exactly pleasant especially when the sun was right above your head, I could feel the heat stroke and starting to have a headache.¬† Yufi was a bit confused with the track and to me it was nothing but a bad sign, we were lost….super crap!

We stranded in another hut, couldnt breathe anymore so we made a stop…



We were like “crap crap crap” but we wouldn’t go anywhere if we didn’t move our butts so we saw some bikers passing and decided to follow them up hill….I was running out of breath like in every second, ¬†I had to tuntun my bike again… was a neverending road…….we were so damned lost……

We tried our luck by asking to local farmers but the direction was varied and I tried asking with my broken Sundanese but still didn’t quite get the direction properly…crap! So we decided to just “let’s get lost” cos eventually we would popped up to a civilized world somewhere within this Kabupaten

Talking about the desperation, I was nearly cried hahahaha after a long winding rocky road and a gazillion kilometres we popped up in this village and someone was pointing the right direction (hopefully) but again it was a bloody uphill road…but at that time we would do anything to get to Gadog…..

We finally headed to a main road, yippeeeeeeee!!

We just rode the bike like crazy with one thing in our mind wanted to take a shower and go home…..we finally made it down, Thank God! ¬†It was such a glory!! (nangis sesenggukan)

So, after that crappy first time riding off road in NuRa and completely got lost afterwards do you think I quit? Nooooooo I keep on coming back for more! Love it especially when it is raining……off roading is a blast!


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