Sentul Rising Numero Uno

Okay, again this event has been passed a couple of weeks ago but I just want to write while I have the time so here we go

I have heard about Sentul before ,I saw pictures from my office colleague who happened to love on road – uphill biking and doing it regularly with her boyfriend and some of her friends, basically she goes wherever there is an uphill road so the photo collection of her and boyfriend riding up on their MTB is a lot.  But since I wasn’t very keen on riding up hill because you know, my breathing will be awful, my smoker’s lung will scream and just imagining that there is no flat road whatsoever along the road makes my feet shrunk – so I don’t really memorize it.

One day we had a Saturday Morning Ride with a couple who happens to be in JPG BBM group and live nearby my mom’s.  They told us that going up hill is good to boost stamina, endurance and the bonus is she lost quite a lot of weight going up hill regularly Yufi was straight away looked at my direction and I was like “Wot?”

So after going to and fro about where to ride next weekend, Yufi decided “Sentul” I was like “oo crap!” Yufi said Pak Andry will also join the ride and he knows the route so it was set.

On Saturday we met Pak Andry at Petronas Sentul, this is where most of people who go up hill biking park their car.

So, got ready and off we go.


The first 300 meters or so was fine…the road was kinda descending – this is where we supposed to do some warming up so your legs wouldn’t experience cramps or something like that.  After we took a right turn the torment to your body’s endurance started.

First grade, I couldn’t make it up the rise as predicted, blame my weight hahahaha…so tuntun my bike was the solution, Yufi was looking at me with pity….looking at his wife climbing the road while carrying the bike up with heavy breathing hahahahaha I was like “shit” it wasn’t exactly a long rise and I was about to faint crap!

Regain my consciousness (lebay) and gather my breathe together, we continued to the next leg…my God! The world is indeed cruel….as I look at the road, it is all going up without any sign it will be flat or anything……Image



Talking about major dehydration, all I wanted was a nice dip in the water, I was still trying to pedal while secretly swearing with all familiar swear words I could think of at that time but I was still out of breath, Pak Andry seemed to jetted off while Yufi is riding slow waiting for me. Man talking about running out of breath.

The other hundreds meters was a bit okay, still running out of breath made a stop here and there.


We passed or were being passed by a couple of people, one big group was cheering me up while they were climbing up, one person was familiar to me, I thought I seen him somewhere quite regularly, turned out this guy is the CEO of Garuda Indonesia. And I see him often on Garuda Indonesia’s in flight magazine hehehehe

I tried to pedal up and proofed myself I could do it but it seems that my breath couldn’t last any longer anyway I was having monthly guest so needed to stop so I stopped at Rainbow Hills where Yufi and Pak Andry were waiting.

Pak Andry and Yufi continued up to KM 0 while I had to stay and wait for them to come down. Waited for about an hour more or less as from where I stayed to KM O was still another 4 km or more

The total distance from Petronas – Cijayanti – rainbow hills – KM 0 is around 14 KM but the terrain is less cruel than if we passed the other route through taman budaya, it is lesser in KM but insane in terms of terrain.
I still left hanging whether I could make it to KM 0 without fainting, well only one way to find out….go there again soon because looking at the course it was indeed good for your endurance and good to learn how to shift and manage your breathing while pedalling….geeez biking seems difficult aye….wasn’t like this when I was little, we climbed all grades with single gear hahaha

When Yufi and Pak Andry came down, we were quickly going down hill and got to Petronas, after necessary changed Pak Andry took us to Karimata, a restaurant nearby. the food was fantastic and what’s more was we were being shouted lunch, Thank you Pak Andry.

Afterwards we cruised off to Bogor to visit a bike shop owns by Wei Min…looking at Specialized Camber Comp…..a full suspension bike…but couldn’t afford it hehehehe

We cruised off to a shop where it sells vespa accessories and we parted our way with Pak Andry and went straight home

I have to go back soon.


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