The Taste of TW3 and RA Classic

So after the first not so enthralling experience riding at NuRa a.k.a New Rindu Alam last time, another group riding plan to Puncak area has been set up and I thought group riding would be much more fun, at least if you got lost somewhere in the area, it would be colossal hehehehe

So, that Saturday (I completely forgot when was this but this was circa January 2012) we gathered up in the usual meeting point at Gadog mosque.  There were 5 people turned up, Diana and Denny, Yufi and myself, Bram and Tony. But it was merry enough to enjoy the ride.

After finally set in our destined angkot, we took off from Gadog.  The weather was not too promising, but as someone who always prefer cold and rainy than hot and sunny especially for riding, I didn’t mind at all because I would definitely finish the ride without bonus of having a headache afterwards which of course something that I looked forward to hehehehehe

So after awhile being agitated in the stylish angkot (you know lowrider, big stereo box and all) for about 30 minutes or so we finally arrived at Mang Ade’s warung.

From what I witnessed the weather was perfecto however, not so for my ride buddies.  It was super foggy, limited sight and kinda misty.  So we were hoping that it would clear up a bit by the time we finished our hearty brekkie.

Yufi and I realized that we left our protectors at home and none of us own a rain coat, so we decided to purchase this fashionable rain coat made out of a plastic similar to those plastic bags you get from supermarket hehehehe but hellooo… was the only one with reasonable price, so shut up.

The weather seemed not getting any friendlier, it was even getting thicker and faint mist was all over our face like a mist sprayed from an Evian Water mist, but it didn’t stopped us from getting ready.

After a very important discussion on which route to go for this epic, misty and muddy ride, the boys decided that we should try the famous TW3 – to us ladies it was famous for being not gowesable for rookies hahahahah but what the heck we tagged along..

Getting ready to rumble in the mud - fr L - R: Tony, Moi, Yufi, Denny, Bram and Diana

The weather was awesome to me although we were served an uphill rocky road but I could do it (thanks to uphill torture in Sentul) not to mention I was riding the “wind dancer” my new Giant Trance X2 😀

Anyhow, the long stretched of that rocky road was kinda killing me, made a stop here and there to catch my breath and had a good sip from my streamer, we finally got to the intersection.  The weather made the view breathtaking (if you could say also super foggy and misty, no, it was worst, it was raining).  After enough going gaga over what’s may come towards us ahead,  we took the left turn which lead us to a single track, the gate of TW3.  It was great in the beginning, I was still pedaling nicely on my bike but soon it was horror.

The track was getting muddier, more slippery and the scariest thing was you were surrounded by cliff, o well happy off roading I thought…..

What made me happy was the “wind dancer” was really easy to handle, the fact that I had Kenda Nevegal on both of the wheels surprised me – I didn’t know what it was then, but I didn’t sway uncontrollably on those muddy and slippery tracks – this compared to my Kenda Coyote tires fitted on my LG.  Anyhow…..some of the tracks were not gowesable, we had to merrily tuntun our bike heheheh.  The track was insane – at least to me because it is supposedly built for those MTB-ers who like to jump here and there while going downhill.  The steep descending track had a sharp turn and decorated with deep cliff next to it as well as dangling trees and bushes along the track.

Denny and Diana showing the love to everyone
Striking a pose whenever we could
Bram was showing optimism in facing difficulties ahead
Another moment not to be missed

At some points, tuntun the bike was a wise option…we even slipped here and there while tuntun-ing the bike, so imagine the torture.  Tony and Diana slipped a couple of times but they rose from wherever they slipped into happily hahahahah and also documentation was definitely obligatory.

Although it was “40% sitting nicely on our bike pedaling 60% was definitely walking” ride but everyone was showing a big optimist smile going through the track right till the end.

Watching each other's back and bikes
Always happy facing the obstacles

At last after about two hours being bashed and slapped by the muddy track of TW3 we finally arrived at the glory point…..super exhausted and super fun

Blaze of glory
Feel the thrill
The ride buddies
Bash blast

Another Canon moments were taken, just to show although we were bruised here and there but overall it was all worth trying

Trailing down

The next leg was friendlier, I am not saying easier because the mud track was still there but at least this part was gowesable especially for the newbie like moi.  The view again was the bonus, definitely soothing right to the soul (#eaaaaa) the green tea plants looked like a huge green carpet from where we stood.

floating through the greens
HIS creation; me and the carpet of tea plants

We finally got to the point where our loyal angkot (of course we paid him) was waiting for us the rain seemed celebrating our arrival because all of a sudden it was cat and dogs and as if being bashed in TW3 was not enough to pump up our adrenaline, we decided to take a break at Mang Ade’s and continued to RA classic track, such a brave move aye..

The wind was blowing I think 200 km/hour (I am exaggerating, but it felt like it was tho..) because we could hear the vroom vroom sound the wind was making..again that didn’t stopped us from going on to RA Classic.

After regaining our energy, we took off.  The RA Classic track was filled with gravels and rocks, wasn’t exactly easy to go through but all the way it was gowesable though…Yufi didn’t seem to like it but I enjoyed super steep uphill and downhill although like other mountain tracks it was muddy and wet not to mention the rain was pouring crazily over us.

We found the famous (I later found out) a small river cutting through the track and all of us seemed to have the same thought, we jumped in right into it with our bikes and started cleaning them hahahahaha

After that we safely emerged from the track and arrived at the Gunung Mas tea plantation area, planning to continue to Gadog through that famous Ngehe’s uphill track but decided to go back through main road, as our energy was completely drained by the two tracks and rain.

Diana and Tony parted their way, they went down with angkot while me and the rest continued biking down. When we got to Gadog all we could think of was going home to have good stretch, but the bike was all filthy we had to wash them first while the owners also took a quick shower. I ate sate kikil as I was damn hungry. After that all five of us parted ways

It was a really fun session I thought, although TW3 may not be the right track for me at the moment, dunno later when I master jumping and all of that tricks (keep on dreaming..)

But it is definitely worth to come back over and over again…we gonna put this as our routine tracks for the next.

Until the next write!


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