Sentul Rising Part Deux

Okay…this is way too late but hey this is my blog, I can write whenever I want hehehe…

So after not succesful first attempt, I decided to ride again to KM 0 just to prove that I am not easily yield (lebay)

Got myself mentally prepared this 2nd round plus hoping that the weather would go easy on me and I don’t care how long I would take to actually arrived at the KM 0, I would just ride.


We left slightly early so I wouldn’t get to taste the raging sun on the way up but the sun was kinda hesitant to show itself while I secretly prayed “Allah let it be rain today, I don’t care just wanna get to that bloody KM 0 today” I guess my prayer was instantly answered it was raining but sort of stopped when we arrived at Petronas station, but the weather was seriously friendly and I had this confidence I would make it today wohooooo talk about being positive aye!

So after having a flash warm up (which seriously I don’t recommend bcos you will experience super leg cramps after some KMs, you need a proper warm up) I started pedalling through the road of Sentul and going up. Got to the first grade where last time I had to tuntun the bike as I barely made it to the top (what a shame, it was a baby climb) this I shifted to lowest gears fast and made it safely to the top, ahayyyyy not a bad start I thought and all of a sudden being so positive about riding uphill whichI totally loathe at first (I first had this principle of just being a flat and downhill road cyclist…)


At least I started good kaaaaan. I rode slowly through one climb to another climb, well it was more like I was creeping up slowly trying to control my breath and my legs. The weather was fantastic, I didn’t feel any sun at all, in fact water was starting to drop from above wohooooo it was raining! Super!

I made a couple of stop (of course I would! Who do you think I am? Superman?!?) Yufi had left me quite far and without even realizing as it was raining kinda heavily I made it to the top…….Yessssss Yesssssss Yesssssss….

Wow who could’ve thought…..maybe a bit silly for those who ride uphill with their eyes closed and have super breathe like those roadies who passed me on my way up but to me it’s such an achievement (sobs)

So my biking principle has slightly altered….I don’t hate climbs or uphill but will have the menu on my biking session in a month! Cheers!


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