Biking to Gunung Padang

At last, I have a chance to write another biking experience, the biking itself took last year, yea I know but still worth to let you guys know hahahahah

Okay so, Yufi and Pak Andri were planning to bike to Cianjur,  specifically wants to explore this Curug Cikondang then to Gunung Padang to this newly found megalith site.

on 24th March 2012, we left our home at 3.30 AM after pre-loaded our bikes and all the stuff we need.  We headed straight to Cianjur.  We decided to drive on our own just for logistic sake.   The meeting point was Giant Cianjur, where friends from Brown Sugar MTB Community of Cianjur were waiting for us.  They were our host for the biking session.

After waiting for all participants for the the ride to arrive for awhile we had our breakfast then we headed to Kang Fonda’s house which was the home base for Brown Sugar Community.  we got ourselves ready, loaded the bike to the pick up provided, checking things so we didn’t leave anything behind.  I thought I wouldn’t be the only girl but apparently the other lady decided not to bike because she thought it would be hard for her, so she will be just following us  in the safety car (well it’s one of the participant car which allocated to follow us in case some of us need to be saved)


Loading ourselves to the back of a pick up

GP3 GP32

The start was slightly far from Kang Fonda’s house.  We will start at a place called Panyairan, we will bike through the tea plantation and some villages along the way before arriving at Curug Cikondang (okay Curug here means Waterfall in Sundanese)


We arrived at our unloading spot in a village called hmmm I totally forgot heheheheheh, after unloading the bike and putting our bikes together we were ready to roll to Panyairan.


but before we actually sit on our bike, I asked how was the terrain, the marshal said ” easy, 30% uphill and 70% combination of flat and downhill” I thought okay I can handle this not a problem yaaaaa

Then we started to ride the bike, first the road was kinda ascending…I was like hmmmmm but still feel okay, I can do this….

The first hour of riding was still fine I guess, nothing I couldn’t handle but I was a little bit suspicious when I had to change my gear into the lighter one more often now and felt like I was running out breath……..bloody hell the whole bloody road was uphill I was about to die when I realized that.  But my ego was bigger than my butt at that time, I mean being the only woman in the pack pushed me to be tough although along the way all I wanted to do was slapping someone hahahahaha man the torture was even more than going to KM 0…..


huaaa felt  like dying all the way,  my sight was fading and sweat all over like a pig and I kept on drinking to avoid dehydration it was soo bloody dramatic hahahaha

but believe me it was like hell, stone road, big ones and going uphill wer not a really beautiful combination


All the boys were already left me behind, only some who were also about to die because of the route were stopping here and there

But my true companion was Apih Cecep one of the marshal hehehehhe he patiently ride his bike slowly and accompanied me creeping up the road not to mentioned giving me all the motivational words.  Thank you Apih!


My gawd I felt like I was about to give up and ride the safety car instead, but again, malu ama sepeda dan perlengkapan hihihihihihi

GP28 GP26 GP29

But I must admit the view was really spectacular yaaaaa, all greenness were surrounding as far as your eyes could view, although I was dying to the max (yes noted to the max) but at least all these green tea plantation was enthralling.  My gawd where is this Pocari sweat…….


GP16 GP25

After like 4 hours riding and stopping and swearing (hihihihi) we finally arrived at the Curug Cikondang…..before that a group photo is a must

GP1 GP6 GP24

The Curug Cikondang is famous tourist spot (local tourist I must say) but apparently the water is slightly dangerous to use, because along the river there was this factory which responsible for contaminating the river.  What a pity………

it was really beautiful I might said.  So we took a pictures and had our lunch there before continuing to Gunung Padang, which I heard the road would also be flat (which I didn’t really trust hahahaha)


The small path going to Curug CiKondang


The gate to Curug Cikondang


Curug Cikondang Waterfall, it is one huge waterfall if you stand nearby…..

after everyone posed and finished with their lunches, we headed up back to the main road and biking to Gunung Padang….this was another torture session for me, there goes my lunch…it was all burnt up into sweat and aching…..the road was neverending uphill and all that I was really dying this time and almost gave up huaaaaaaaaaa I have got cramped legs, short breath and all that, but again the ego beat all of the odds hahahah.  I was creeping slowly uphill, I really meant creeping as I was stopping every second and catches whatever breath I had  left.  The view was no longer entertaining, some guys were left behind, Teguh had a bad cramped on his legs.


And the safety car was following me, in case I drop dead on the scene hahahahaha and the driver kept asking me “ayoo mbaaak naik aja kasian udah ngos-ngosan” but with my short breath and forced smile I replied “nggaaaaaaaa…” hahahahhaha


There was nothing sweet in the world than downhill heheheheheheheheheh, you could feel the soft caress on your face and for a moment there I was smiling hahahahahah


after kampung after kampung, out of breath, blacking out here and there,  we went through this paved descending road where we were warned to be careful because a lot of motorcycle of the locals coming in and out of the villages, I couldn’t stop the bike from being too fast, lucky I didn’t bump into anything or even threw myself out of the pavement road, we finally arrived at the Gunung Padang scene.  At that time there were a lot of tourists around mostly local tourists.  We stopped in a warung and sipped a cold Pocari Sweat and then coffee.

Aaaaaaakk another torture going to the Megalith side.  There were 2 options; going up using the old stairs which consisted of old, loose rocks which the people living thousand years ago stacked, super steep and use it as stairs or a newly build, longer journey, but not steep new stairs.  But people said that the old stairs is faster as the stacked is shorter.  My A*s……it gave me  a super sore legs afterwards more than biking itself.

But the view was super awesome and the place was generally clean although there were some irresponsible tourists throwing rubbish here and there but in overall the place is quite maintained mostly by the caretakers which are locals.  The government had just gave attention not long ago.  There were rumors also that the place has a treasures like gold and all, stupid Indonesians still believe with that kind of stuff.

To me it was more like an Indonesian version of Machu Pichu, it was similar setting hahahah but archaeologist stated that it is older than Machu Pichu, o well who knows.  This used to be a temple they said.  It was built facing the Mount Gede for praying.  The whole architecture was amazing I must said


Exhausted after climbing 500 something steps which were super steep


Yufi and I in front the ruined temple


The king’s seat


The “bikers” crew

GP10 GP11 GP12 GP13 GP14


The musical stones, it has different sounds from one end to another

After enough of sight seeing, Gunung Padang was the end of our biking trip, well for me at least, the boys decided to bike back to Kang Fonda’s house, thank God I decided to go with them, because it was soo damn far with a lot of uphill sessions hahahahhaha I arrived first and took a shower while waiting for Yufi and the boys to arrive.

The trip was awesome although it was quite hell of a ride for me.   After the biking trip all uphill was peanut hahaha, we had another biking trip to Serang and it was easier for me biking uphill

I will write the story later 🙂

Till then!!!


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