Cica’s Holiday- Going East – Part 2

Still DAY 3. Exploring Batu (Batu Secret Zoo, Batu Night Spectacular, Alun Alun Batu)

So we finally got out of the Zoo. It was actually a bit scary..we tried to look for the exit on our own but it was all dark and kinda creepy hahahaha, also scared that one of Tiger was wandering around.

Next destination was Batu Night Spectacular¬† , ¬†I think both Jatim Park 2 and Batu Night Spectacular’s operation hours are intentionally synced. ¬† ¬†It opens right before Batu Secret Zoo closes, they fill in for each other so that tourists would still have a place to visit beside Alun Alun Kota Batu. ¬†Batu Night Spectacular (BNS for short) located on the same street as Batu Secret Zoo, a bit further up from the Zoo. ¬†I was oblivious that right opposite BNS was Rumah Sosis Bandung – Batu, I mean why do you need to visit Rumah Sosis Bandung in Batu anyway….?

packed and alive that night.  We had to pay Rp.15,000 per pax for the admissionticket to BNS area.  It is a small amusement park equipped with souvenir stores and food court.  It has standard attractions like bumper car, mini ferris wheel, carousel and wax skating ring (the ice was made our of wax) and trampoline, enough to give entertainment for children and teenagers.  Our first destination was the Famous Lampoons Garden, you have to pay another Rp.12,500 or Rp.15,000 ( I forgot.  I kept the tickets but Cica must have played with it and lost it) and all attractions charge separately here at BNS, so make sure you have enough cash with you.

After we paid our admission for the Lampoon Gardens, Cica was so excited.  The garden filled with colorful and various shapes lampoons.  From Princess shape, flowers, Eiffel tower, Castle, Carriage to much more.  Simple things can become a beautiful attraction if you have the right arrangement.  I dug it a lot and it was totally amazed Cica.


a little expired pre-wedding photo

IMG_8946  IMG_8896 IMG_8898 IMG_8901 IMG_8904 IMG_8905 IMG_8906 IMG_8907 IMG_8917 IMG_8939 IMG_8942

After enough taking pictures and surely Cica had a lot of fun exploring the Lampoons garden, we headed to to the food court for dinner.  There were variety of food, still at a decent price.  The food court was amazingly crowded as well.  After enough resting our butt and stuffed our tummy, we headed back to the amusement park.  Cica of course already had an eye on some attractions, bumper car (Rp.10,000 per admission) which she ended up going for 4 times and trampoline (Rp.10,000 per admission) which she also went for 4 times jumping up and down.

trying some spiderman moves


We spent about 4 hours at BNS, ¬†it was close to midnight (if I was in a ¬†Cinderella movie, I would have turned into pumpkin already :D) we called it a day…well not quite it seems that all the food my daughter ate for dinner was already used up for energy, she got hungry again and specifically requested sop iga at Alun Alun. ¬†We headed there right away, our eyes were not really cooperating well that night.

After had her supper, we headed straight to Hotel Sumber and called it a day.

Ooooo bed felt like the superb place to be……..

DAY 4. Exploring Batu (Selecta and Batu Secret Zoo chapter 2)

We woke up quite early, as our itinerary police set up the alarm at the right hour hahaha.  Looked for breakfast, enjoyed our breakfast on the porch overlooking the garden and the pool.  Well as guessed, Cica had already planned the morning for swimming, so we let her have some splash in the pool.

Sumber Cica
Pose like a model – enjoying the sun

Our itinerary police made it clear that this day 4 we would visit Selecta and go straight to Malang at lunch time to check in at the hotel, apparently Cica made a bargain for having another round and Batu Secret Zoo. ¬†The reason she highlighted was she didn’t have enough time too look around at animals because time was too short yesterday which made me and Yufi nodded in agreement. ¬†So we visited Selecta first then go to Batu Secret Zoo for a couple of hours.

Our destination this morning is Selecta, when I was little, the place is the sole reason why people visit Batu. ¬†The place is famous for its beautiful garden and swimming pool. ¬†Many people simply throw a little picnic with family and friends. ¬†I visited Selecta loooooong time ago (Okay I just don’t want to tell the exact number of years cos that makes me feel awfully old).

I didn’t see much changed around Selecta as far as I could remembered, the place seemed frozen. ¬†If I could note, only some new buildings and of course more crowded surrounding. ¬†It had less visitors too. ¬†Mostly were groups of kindergarten students having their outbound session with their peers and teachers with mothers tagging along wherever the group moved.

The garden was beautiful, as if you were in Keukenhof Holland although the collection of flowers at Selecta not as comprehensive as the one I mentioned but Selecta gave a good sight for sore eyes. ¬†Again, another ignorant caught by my eyes was people stepped on the beautiful bed of flowers for the sake of having pictures in them. ¬†It was not necessary because in between bed of flowers there was a small path so people could walk through it but some people just didn’t have enough they had to ransacked the poor flowers.



IMG_9005  IMG_9009 IMG_9012 IMG_9013 IMG_9015 IMG_9028 IMG_9034

We had a good stroll along the garden and enjoy the beautiful colors, I really meant what I said you know ūüėÄ after awhile Cica is already bugging about going to Batu Secret Zoo, time was pointing at 10.30 am, time to leave Selecta.

We continued to Batu Secret Zoo, Cica was excited all over again. ¬†It turned out that if you visited the zoo in the morning, there were lotsa animals taken out and about. ¬†Visitors can take picture with them. ¬†This is what we missed yesterday and the good thing we came back again to the zoo today, at least Cica wouldn’t nagged us for not giving her a chance visiting the zoo twice.

IMG_9066 IMG_9068 IMG_9069 IMG_9080 IMG_9083 IMG_9094 IMG_9065

Another thing about coming to visit the zoo for the 2nd time was, Cica apparently had been eyeing on the E-Bike (you know a grandma’s electronic cart) so one of her mission was renting it for full 3 hours (Rp.100,000 for 3 hours) and took it around the zoo while the parents had to walk hurriedly trying to catch up with her (gosh).

We spent 4 hours in total for this visit and hoping to come back in another time in another visit.

We headed to Malang right away. ¬†My childhood best friend Kiki is Malang’s native she lives there with her family, it has been a long time since we see each other (we were still at college last time I met her) so I took this chance to hang out with her as well. ¬†Apparently the road to Malang was packed and we got stuck in a traffic jam plus we kinda lost finding Harris Hotel which located slightly outside the city center.

We arrived at Harris Hotel Malang a little passed 5.20. ¬†The hotel was brand new and had just had its soft opening, but from what I observed it was already a full house. ¬†The hotel is huge, the location was tricky as well because it is inside a housing complex called Riverside. ¬†We quickly unpacked our stuff. ¬†Cica begged for a swim so I let her, while Yufi is waiting for this guy to deliver our motorcycle for tomorrow’s trip to Bromo. ¬†Yufi and I were all excited. ¬†We have visited Mount Bromo a couple of times but this time we take Cica along with us on a motorcycle. ¬†So can’t hardly wait for tomorrow.

After we took a shower, it was time for dinner. ¬†We decided to have dinner at Bakso President, the famous Bakso (Malang) joint, its location is on¬†Jl. Batanghari No.5¬†Malang¬†Belakang Hotel Havana. ¬†We had to cross a railway to get to the joint. ¬†As always, it never failed me…if it was not because I am aware that I am already severely overweight, I could stand eating another 2 bowls of the Bakso but reality bites so crap, until next time Bakso.

Went back to the hotel, Kiki, her son and her brother Roy were already waiting for us.  We chit chatted and share stories after all this years, had a really good laugh with them.

Night was up and we had to wake up really early tomorrow, so we called it a day.

Continue on Bromo’s trip in Part 3


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