Cica’s Holiday – Going East – Part 4

After we arrived back at Harris Hotel Malang and straightened our legs by the pool.  Kiki came along with Roy and Luhur.  She gave us a lot of gifts from Malang.  Malang’s well-known apple, all this tempe chips.  O my God I was so touched and I didn’t even give anything for her in return.  After chit chatting for awhile she left and we promised to meet up for lunch before we continue our trip to Yogyakarta.  Yufi also met the guy to return the both the KLX and the Vario, probably for our next trip (Next time we would take Cica to Pananjakan for the Sunrise) I have already mastered KLX.

We woke up kinda lazy, don’t want to leave hahahah.  We packed our bags and dragged ourselves to check out of the hotel.  Kiki and her husband, Mas Nawir and their son were already waiting for taking us to lunch.  They took us to a restaurant “Ayam Goreng Yogyakarta” apparently although the name is Yogyakarta but the owner is native Malang, what a coincidence hahahaha.  Not just lunch, they also showered us with a lot of Malang’s snacks to bring home for my family.  Kiki and Mas Nawir, if you guys read this blog we would like to thank you for treating us so nicely in Malang, we will do the same in return next time you come to Jakarta.

Finally, we had to leave Malang 😦 holiday is almost over but we have Yogyakarta as a stop over and to cool down.  I always love Yogyakarta.  The food, the city, the batik and other things.  Like other secondary cities in Indonesia, Yogya is also growing in both number of people as well as number of buildings, so expect this city to be more crowded than before

We left Malang about 3.30 PM in the afternoon, so we expected to arrive at Yogyakarta around midnight.  Nothing much you could see in on the way from Malang – Batu – Pare – Kediri – Nganjuk – Ngawi – Sragen – Solo – Yogyakarta.  Our companion was mostly big buses and trucks.  I forgot to stop over at some point in Nganjuk where they sell so many cute kites, crap I might have to find one in Jakarta.

Raining accompanied our trip to Yogyakarta, we laughed bitterly on some silly buses who drove like devils.  Probably passengers didn’t really see that the bus was swayed right and left trying to take over some cars or other buses.  I was just praying that it didn’t really go left all the way down (or you might said tipped over) These drivers have a low knowledge on not endangering passengers’ life.  Indonesia….having a driver licence is so bloody easy, in New Zealand last time, I failed like 5 bloody times and when I finally got it, I got “R” sticker on my car (for about a year before doing another exam to get a full licence) in which means restricted, I cannot carry any passengers except myself the police said. In Indonesia? even a 10 years old can ride a motorbike anywhere.  Stop my bitching about this country.

All dark when we passed, our only passenger have already been sleeping since we took off from Malang, she was really tired, so we let her charge her “battery” for awhile.  Yufi was so sleepy so we pulled over to a Warung Kopi to have some coffee, I offered to drive but Yufi said he wasn’t that sleepy so be my guest hahahahha.

We after took a wrong turn in Solo but quickly back to the right route, we arrived at Hotel Tiger a little over 1 am.

We have stayed in this hotel on our first ever riding trip to Yogyakarta in 2008  you can view the story at my old blog here

At that time the hotel was brand new, has just been opened like a week, there were still maintenance everywhere.  The owner Mbak Santi, as her assistant told us married to a Japanese (who works in soft ball industry / or a soft ball athlete?) anyway she was still busy handling everything herself.

The hotel was still like I was remembered, only older and had swimming pool now.  We planned to stay there for a night before moving to another hotel.  in Yogyakarta we plan to introduce Cica to all famous temples Prambanan, Candi Boko, Borobudur (this is obligatory for Indonesian, once in your live (some people even more) you have to visit this place, it is also part of  the itinerary for most school trips) and if time permits, visiting all beaches we could reach in Yogya.  We also plan to cave tubing at Gunung Pindul in Gunung Kidul.

We woke up at 8 am, in the morning,  had some breakfast provided by the hotel.   We packed our bags to the car and went to our first destination this morning which was Prambanan.  Last time I’m at Prambanan was for work, spent  a week being a Prambanan Guard chasing tourists for research hahaha it was awesome.  I can’t wait to present Prambanan to Cica complete with the story of Roro Jonggrang legend.  It was said the temple was built after Bandung Bondowoso got angry and cursed the princess into a stone.  The real history of Prambanan can be read here

We arrived at Prambanan at around 10 am in the morning, the sun was happily shine hahaha, now you have to wear a “kain” (a batik cloth you have to wrap around your waist) to respect the temple’s complex.  The temple is actually a praying place for Hindus so we have to respect it.

Cica was so amazed by the architecture of the temple  and the story, a legend that I told her.  I also told her the actual history but the legend about a cursed princess seemed to appeal more.

Prambanan was still undergoing maintenance from the big earthquake that affected Yogyakarta a couple of years back but most of temples already stood strong on the ground.

Prambanan in black and white
vivid colors
Knowledge download

Cica was so curious about each of the temples as well as the relic on the temple’s wall.  But I couldn’t explain all of that apart from what I could browse from Google hahahaha.

The complex is more managed, no hawkers chasing you around the temple, they are stay in the shopping area which provided by the management.  I guess the research we have done several years back took effect.

But I recommend you to bring a bottle of water because there is no food stall available, and you have to walk quite far or you could pay to get on the “train”.  The ticket booth for the train provided a mineral water gallon though.

Yufi had the Friday Praying in the mosque nearby the temple, while Cica and I had lunch there as well.  After that we decided to go back to the hotel and go to Candi Boko later in the afternoon.

We went back to a hotel, we checked in at Hotel Novotel Yogyakarta this time . I always stay at this hotel or The Phoenix for business trip.   Cica was already sleepy and ready to have her siesta, while she was having her siesta, I mucked around in the hotel lobby visiting  a bag shop called Dowa Bag  It is a local made bag, the bag is made of a nylon threads and knitted by hands.  I love their bags and already have several bags from Dowa 😀

Afternoon came, we got ourselves ready for Candi Boko.  It was already 5-ish when we got there.  Candi Boko is beautiful at Sunset.  It is magnificent place, although what  left of the temple was its ruin, but you could imagine this was a huge place at its time.  It is said the be the palace of King Boko, the father of Roro Jonggrang before the kingdom was taken over by this Bandung Bondowoso.  Cica loved it so much but I couldn’t browse much about Candi Boko alone so that was the only info I could tell her.


IMG_9486 IMG_9513 IMG_9514 IMG_9534 IMG_9446

Yufi tried to catch more sunset at Candi Boko but it seems dark cloud gathered fast, it was in fact raining, so we had a coffee in the coffee shop then went back to the hotel.  Before going back we stopped at Gudeg Mbarek Bu Ahmad at Selokan Mataram, I like this gudeg better because it is not that sweet.  Yufi is also a picky eater and usually doesn’t like this kind of food but he liked this one so means that the taste is really good.

Finally we arrived at the hotel,  took a shower and get ready for having a becak ride to Malioboro street.    Cica was so amazed as so many people were on the street and she was wondering why hahahah.  We went to Mirota but it was closed already while light rain was still pouring we chose to have a taste of wedang ronde which can be easily found along Malioboro street.  While we stopped the Becak “driver” told us a lot of story about Prambanan and Candi Boko.  He was chirping about how mystical Candi Boko is even up to today, lots of mystical events happening.  Cica was all ears listening to this mystery story and chose to stay in the becak to hear more from the driver hahahahha.

We finally called it a day and went back to the hotel.  Catch some sleep for tomorrow’s trip to Borobudur.

Day 6.  The magnificent Borobudur

We woke up early again as we had to catch up to Borobudur and then visiting some beaches that Yufi had been longed for.

Cica asked for KFC breakfast, so we went to KFC first then straight to Borobodur Temple.  Borobudur was (not surprisingly) packed with local tourists, a lot of students coming from all over Indonesia well most notably was Jakarta, some cities in Central Java, East Java and lampung.  It was hard to find a car park.  Borobudur was more crowded than Prambanan yesterday and the food sold was upsetting-ly expensive, a cup of instant coffee was Rp.15,000 come on! street hawkers were also filled almost all areas around Borobudur.  Looked so unorganized and rather dirty.  We paid Rp.30,000 per person to enter Borobudur and you had to pay Rp.25,000 per person for taking the train.

Cica really loved it so much though,  she was enjoying looking around at the relic and asking a lot about what it meant,  we wanted to take a tour but apparently all of them were fully booked by all this study tour groups 😦 so probably next time ya Ca.

IMG_9579 IMG_9582 IMG_9588 IMG_9627 IMG_9650 IMG_96342013-05-11 12.04.35 2013-05-11 11.58.41 2013-05-11 12.04.04

Borobudur was already getting ready for Vesak day, tent had been placed in the main field, some Buddhist monks were already there and going around the temple for thing I felt annoyed most visitors didn’t really have respect to this monks they knew he was there for praying but mostly blocked his way.  He was cool though, armed with iPod and sneakers he didn’t look really bothered, well Buddhism taught a lot about love and caring so..but still, what if someone do the same thing in mosque? tskkk

We stayed there for another an hour or so before we left.

Apparently we had to cancel our plan to visit the beaches…we were stuck in a really bad traffic and arrived back in Yogyakarta at 4.30 PM and it was raining.  We ended up having late lunch at Mang Engking in Godean and visited Dowa Bag workshop on the same area.

Actually there were a lot of places that we couldn’t visit because of time restriction.  Holiday season really made Yogyakarta drown in buses and cars.  I wanted to take Cica to Ullen Sentalu Museum in Kaliurang because I really loved it and Cica would love it too because there are a lot of letters from Javanese Princesses written in Dutch, telling a story on how they live were.  It made me sad but on the bright side, this also means we will go back to Yogyakarta to explore what we couldn’t explore this time 🙂

We went back to the hotel feeling quite sad and opted for swimming instead.

IMG_9682 IMG_9678 IMG_9669

Later in the evening we went back and visited Mirota as my mom was specifically mentioned about “garukan” and comb made of horn 😀

The night was going to be our last day in Yogyakarta, pretty sad, because this means holiday is almost over and it would be business as usual after we got back to Jakarta.  It has been a really nice trip though!

Continue to Part 5.  Going home and Pantai Ayah.


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