Cica’s Holiday – Going East – Part 3

Day 4.  Exploring Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru.

Finally, the day that we have been waiting for has arrived.  We were so excited to take Cica to Bromo.  For Yufi this is going to be his 4th time visiting Bromo.  For me it was my 3rd time.  Last time we went to Bromo was in motorcycle in 2008, wait that was just for me, for Yufi the last time he visited Bromo was in 2011.  We rode a motorcycle (I was the navigator a.k.a the passenger hahahahah) from Jakarta to Bromo, you can have a peek of the journey at my old blog

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Cica’s Holiday- Going East – Part 2

Still DAY 3. Exploring Batu (Batu Secret Zoo, Batu Night Spectacular, Alun Alun Batu)

So we finally got out of the Zoo. It was actually a bit scary..we tried to look for the exit on our own but it was all dark and kinda creepy hahahaha, also scared that one of Tiger was wandering around.

Next destination was Batu Night Spectacular¬† , ¬†I think both Jatim Park 2 and Batu Night Spectacular’s operation hours are intentionally synced. ¬† ¬†It opens right before Batu Secret Zoo closes, they fill in for each other so that tourists would still have a place to visit beside Alun Alun Kota Batu. ¬†Batu Night Spectacular (BNS for short) located on the same street as Batu Secret Zoo, a bit further up from the Zoo. ¬†I was oblivious that right opposite BNS was Rumah Sosis Bandung – Batu, I mean why do you need to visit Rumah Sosis Bandung in Batu anyway….?

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Cica’s Holiday- Going East – Part 1

Wheeew, I haven’t exactly visit this page for a long time, there are a lot of bike riding notes are missing as I didn’t have the time to write. O well, ¬†will finish when I had the chance though, in the meantime I will write the last travel we had with Cica while it is still fresh on my brain.

So, after a thorough and careful consideration plus a little bit of Yufi’s ambition to have a father and daughter adventure – leaving me out of the picture when he says “adventure”, yes I am only the hula girl hahaha, we decided to go east this time. Yes, we are going to East Java with Batu as its main destination, with Bromo as the cherry on top then Jogjakarta as a place to cool off afterwards.

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