Biking to Gunung Padang

At last, I have a chance to write another biking experience, the biking itself took last year, yea I know but still worth to let you guys know hahahahah

Okay so, Yufi and Pak Andri were planning to bike to Cianjur,  specifically wants to explore this Curug Cikondang then to Gunung Padang to this newly found megalith site.

on 24th March 2012, we left our home at 3.30 AM after pre-loaded our bikes and all the stuff we need.  We headed straight to Cianjur.  We decided to drive on our own just for logistic sake.   The meeting point was Giant Cianjur, where friends from Brown Sugar MTB Community of Cianjur were waiting for us.  They were our host for the biking session.

After waiting for all participants for the the ride to arrive for awhile we had our breakfast then we headed to Kang Fonda’s house which was the home base for Brown Sugar Community. ¬†we got ourselves ready, loaded the bike to the pick up provided, checking things so we didn’t leave anything behind. ¬†I thought I wouldn’t be the only girl but apparently the other lady decided not to bike because she thought it would be hard for her, so she will be just following us ¬†in the safety car (well it’s one of the participant car which allocated to follow us in case some of us need to be saved)


Loading ourselves to the back of a pick up Continue reading Biking to Gunung Padang